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Resurrection Sunday 2014

Sunday, 20 April 2014 marked a special Resurrection Sunday celebration. Thousands of church members arrived early at all our service venues to celebrate our risen Lord and His victory over death.

The service began with a spectacular live performance which seamlessly fused a series of video projections. It was then followed by a grand exaltation of Jesus' sacrificial death and resurrection by a chorus of singers and an orchestra of musicians.

In the backdrop, poignant scenes of Jesus’ sufferings from the movie The Passion Of The Christ played up the day's theme that revolved around Jesus’ victory over death and the enemy. A session of praise and worship continued as the church lifted up the name of Jesus.

In his Resurrection Sunday sermon, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince reiterated Christ’s overpayment of our sins that gave us perfect forgiveness. Pastor Prince also declared that believers are now free from the fear of death because Jesus has removed death’s sting by dying on the cross!

To bring home the message why we can be seated with Christ, Pastor Prince shared an awe-inspiring animated video presentation of what happened to Jesus during His final hours on the cross. Minutes of silence filled the service venues as the congregation watched the divine exchange take place with sin, death and sickness imputed to Jesus in exchange for our righteousness, eternal life and wholeness in Him.

The church also celebrated a double piece of good news when it was announced that the service would be broadcast on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) across America and the world. You can catch the programme Joseph Prince Easter Special on *Monday, 21 April 2014 at 12.30pm (Singapore Time).

*Pacific Time: Sunday, 20 April 2014 at 9.30pm


2014 Chinese New Year Celebrations

Sunday, 2 February 2014 marked the third day of the Chinese New Year and a day of celebrations in the house of God! Festivities began as the worship team broke into exuberant worship and first up on the list was a light-hearted Hokkien piece — Jin Jia Ho or Truly Good. Worshippers swayed and clapped to the beat as they sang the words that testified of a blessed life in Christ Jesus.

To add to the festive vibe, our Worship and Visual Arts ministries servers combined Chinese painting with traditional dance and music. Throughout the performance, everyone was enthralled by the melodious, crystalline music from the gu zheng that sublimely complemented the mellow, wafting sound of the flute.

One of the highlights of the day, was the screening of New Creation Church’s first-ever short film, Home. “The story is very touching and the message really hit home,” shared Janine Tan, a churchgoer.

This thought-provoking film revolved around Martha, a homemaker who had lost sight of life’s true treasures in her busy preparation for Chinese New Year. As the story unfolded, people’s hearts were warmed as they were once again reminded of God’s precious gift of family.

Pastor Mark Ng also came on to deliver God’s rhema Word for the season with his trademark sense of humour, unveiling Jesus with lively anecdotes and analogies. Faith was raised as Pastor Mark declared that with Jesus, the bright and morning star, in their lives, believers are marked for a lifetime of blessings.

The two celebration services culminated in a special New Year blessing over the people.


Vision Sunday 2014

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Anticipation filled the air as tens of thousands of churchgoers gathered at our service venues all across the island on 5 January 2014.

The first Sunday of the year commonly known as Vision Sunday, has special significance for New Creation Church. Years ago, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince received a mandate to deliver God’s rhema word for the year at the start of the year and 2014 was no exception.

The service opened in pitch darkness and burst into a dazzling display of multi-coloured lights. Laser beams blazed from all corners of the stage and danced to the high-energy background music.

As the music gathered momentum, another surprise was underway as Visual Arts servers took position for their dance performance. Through the use of LED light suits, the dancers emerged and vanished into the dark within split seconds. With every perfectly executed step, the performers’ sleek popping dance moves left the roaring crowd wanting for more!

The highlight of the day took place when Pastor Prince came on and declared 2014 to be the year of greater glory. Expounding from Isaiah 60, Pastor Prince exhorted the congregation to keep their hopes high as they are called to be God’s beckoning light on this earth.

The services ended with a bang as the Worship Ministry performed a rock rendition of the classic hymn, How Great Thou Art. The lyrics of the song, “Then sings my soul… How great Thou art” resonated in the hearts of the churchgoers as they made their way out with a confident expectation of what God would do in 2014.  



Thanksgiving Service 2013

“It is the year of open doors when He opens, no man can shut… and when He shuts, no man can open!”

On the first Sunday of 2013, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince proclaimed that 2013 would be the year of the key of David, and Jesus would open doors of blessings and shut doors of harm for His people.

Fast forward 12 months later, on Sunday, 29 December 2013, our congregation gathered at our various service venues to give thanks and remember God’s faithfulness in bringing His Word to pass.

The service unfolded with a melodious piano recital. As the pianist hit the last note, all eyes turned to the screen where the key of David began to unlock all the doors that were tightly shut. This significant move brought fond reminders that Jesus is working behind the scenes and opening doors of God’s untold blessings for His people.

During Holy Communion, Pastor Lawrence Lim led the congregation in giving thanks to God and recounted the many blessings the church had experienced in the year. Truly, there had been much to give thanks for. In the second half of 2013, Pastor Prince’s Facebook “likes” hit more than 1.6 million and his new book, The Power Of Right Believing, was ranked second on the New York Times Bestseller list!

In his thanksgiving message, Pastor Prince exhorted the people in taking their rightful place as the redeemed ones of the Lord. The service ended at an all-time high as Pastor Prince led the congregation in bringing their three prayer requests to the Lord.


Christmas Service 2013

Sunday, 22 December 2013, called for double celebrations as about 38,000 people celebrated Christmas at our various service venues. This day also marked the first anniversary of our move into The Star Performing Arts Centre (The Star PAC).

As the theatre curtains drew open, everyone was transported into the heavenly realm where they listened in on a discussion among the heavenly hosts.

"Mary accepted her mission to give birth to the Messiah...checked."

"Joseph took Mary as his bride...checked."

The list went on as Archangel Michael led the angels in one final round of checks on every detail surrounding the Messiah's birth.

As the angelic hosts grew excited over the impending earth-breaking event, a burning question arose: Where would the King of kings be born?

The story ended with a twist as all heavens watched in disbelief that the darling of heaven would choose to be born in a lowly manger.

At this point, worship leader, Adeline Gan, took centre stage singing the piece, You Laid Aside Your Majesty, bringing to remembrance Jesus' humble beginnings that made God accessible to all mankind.

Tying in with the theme, Majesty In A Manger, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince shared in his Christmas message the significance of the Lord's name, Immanuel, which means "God with us". Pastor Prince further ensured the congregation that with God on their side, they can reign in life.

The festive mood lifted a few notches when Pastor Prince and the worship team broke into Christmas carols and the congregation joined in. These celebratory scenes repeated themselves throughout the day during our four English services at The Star PAC, Marina Bay Sands and our three cinema venues at GV Marina, GV Grand and Cathay Cineplex Causeway Point. Our Chinese Ministry, The Zone and Rock Kidz were part of the celebrations too with Christmas-themed mascots, performances and carols. 


Power Of Right Believing USA Tour 2013

Every day, Jeff Evans and his family of five would gather at their living room to watch Senior Pastor Joseph Prince on his TV broadcast, Destined To Reign. When news of the Power Of Right Believing USA Tour broke, the Evans decided that they would be there to receive from this man of God.

On 6 November 2013, the Evans made their way down to Long Beach Arena, in Los Angeles, California, where they finally got to hear Pastor Prince preach live in person. “Pastor Prince is like family to us,” said Jeff, “To see him standing right before our eyes is a tremendous gift from God. My family and I are so excited about the good things that God has in store for our nation and the whole world through the gospel of grace!”

Long Beach Arena, California

Enthusiastic participants arriving hours before the event in California.

A whopping 60,000 participants turned up to hear the powerful message of right believing preached in the United States from 1 to 13 November 2013. On this tour, Pastor Prince boldly proclaimed the unadulterated gospel of grace to capacity crowds in the states of New Jersey, California and Texas. He also led his audience in a time of Holy Communion, declaring health and wholeness to their bodies.

Partaking of the Holy Communion

Rose, a 78-year-old arthritis patient, was among the thousands who attended service at Long Beach Arena. According to her daughter, Sylvia Cardoza, her mother could not sit or stand for long periods of time. However, her mother’s legs did not bother her that day and she even did something she has never done before — praising God during the worship and lifting her hands!

Pastor Prince at Lakewood Church, Houston

Millions more were impacted as Pastor Prince unveiled Jesus as their righteousness on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s (TBN) Praise The Lord programme on 30 October. Being America’s largest Christian television network, TBN had a global reach of more than millions of homes across America and the world.

Wristbands to remind participants of the powerful message of right believing!

To Brenda Kimble-Johnson, who travelled over 1,000km from Atlanta to Dallas, the event was nothing but incredible. “Thank you for coming and bringing the good news of His grace in such a powerful way!” she said.

All glory to Jesus for the lives that have been impacted in America!

A Song Tribute To Our Nation

To celebrate Singapore’s 48th birthday, our Worship team presented an original song item titled, We Are One, as a tribute to our nation on Sunday, 4 August 2013. Watch this video and join us as a church family as we thank God for Singapore and proclaim His continued prosperity and peace upon our beloved nation! 

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Father's Day Celebration 2013

To celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, 16 June 2013, fathers in our church were treated to an original song item, Dad’s Anthem, composed by our very own Worship team. Peppered with humour, this inspiring performance by three daddies from our Visual Arts Ministry pays tribute to all the daddies in the house.

Get ready to be tickled by the hilarious performance in this video and be blessed by the special prayer Pastor Prince prayed over all the fathers at the end of our church services!

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Celebrating Chinese New Year

A spirit of joyous festivity filled the air at our service venues at The Star Performing Arts Centre, Marina Bay Sands Ballrooms and GV Marina on the first day of Chinese New Year on Sunday, 10 February 2013. Two special English services were available that morning and the celebratory programme opened with dynamic praise and worship, a blessed time of Holy Communion, followed by a video parody of a Wu Xia (martial arts genre) film and exuberant stage performances. Many congregation members also donned bright festive colours to mark the first day of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

In that atmosphere of fun and laughter, Pastor Mark Ng, a pastor in our Chinese Ministry, delivered a revelatory message which highlighted five biblical blessings — long life, prosperity, peace, a generous heart and good outcomes — the children of God can expect because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross. Expounding on the importance of right believing and the power of the spoken Word, Pastor Mark enthralled the congregation with his humorous, yet heartfelt sharing of biblical truths and personal anecdotes.

The service ended with a powerful time of prayer as Pastor Mark declared the Lord’s blessings over the congregation using Chinese New Year idioms.

Wishing everyone a blessed Chinese New Year!

Celebrating as a family at The Star

Special gu zheng performance

Pastor Mark making an entrance in a rickshaw

Pastor Mark expounding on our blessed position in Christ

Inaugural Services At The Star!

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Click on the thumbnails below to view a larger image.

Sunday, 23 December 2012. A day for double celebration as our church celebrated both Christmas as well as the start of English services at our new and highly anticipated service venue: The Star Performing Arts Centre!

The awesome Christmas programme, aptly themed The Star Is Born, featured a powerful opening video accompanied by flashing lasers and a majestic classical orchestra, heart-warming performances, nativity narratives and a special item by the 20-strong children’s choir.

Yet even with the dazzling lights and sounds on stage, there was no doubt that the spotlight was on Jesus, the true Star of the show. Led by the worship team, everyone present enthusiastically sang Christmas carols and songs celebrating His birth.

Pastor Prince, in his Christmas message, said that all the congregation members present were like the wise men from the East who had come to worship Jesus!

These festive and celebratory scenes replayed themselves throughout the day as our congregation members enjoyed the four English services at The Star as well as at our other service venues at Marina Bay Sands, Rock Auditorium and GV Marina.

Bye Bye, Rock

Saying goodbye is never easy. And especially so to a place that will always hold a special place in our hearts. On 16 December 2012, just one Sunday shy of our much anticipated move to The Star Performing Arts Centre (The Star PAC), New Creation Church bid an emotional farewell to Rock Auditorium as our main service venue.

The atmosphere was bittersweet: A tinge of nostalgia among our congregation when fond memories of Rock Auditorium were played, fused with an air of expectancy as we stood on the threshold of a new beginning at The Star PAC. Here are the two special videos screened during our services that day. Enjoy!

Take a walk through memory lane to see how God has been faithful to our church since the opening of Rock Auditorium in 1999.

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Here, our congregation members share how they’ve been blessed at the Rock Auditorium by Jesus, the Rock of our salvation!

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Resurrection Sunday 2012

“And because He lives, I can face tomorrow; because He lives, all fear is gone. And because I know, I know He holds the future; and life is worth the living just because He lives.”

These words resonated in the churchgoers’ hearts on 8 April as they made their way home after each of the four power-packed church services that Sunday. After all, there’s nothing like a much loved hymn to remind us of God’s perfect love as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ Jesus.

“Resurrection Sunday really touched me,” said churchgoer Natasha R. “I especially remember the skit and how all the characters were in a really bad place when Jesus stopped to save them. It definitely reminded me of how Jesus constantly saves me in the midst of my troubles!”

Key programme highlights included a stirring opening video sequence of the crucifixion, and a moving skit about a prostitute, a fisherman and a leper depicting Jesus’ lovingkindness.

However, it was the insightful sermon delivered by Senior Pastor Joseph Prince that drove home the grace-filled message proclaiming our righteousness and justification through the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. Truly, the Good News promises how one can have a confident expectation of good which is secured for us through our risen Saviour!

Churchgoers were also blessed with a book Provision Promises – with bountiful promises from our Saviour – to meditate upon!

Our Pastor In America’s Largest Church

In every sense of the word, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince’s first live speaking engagement in the United States was a historic event marked clearly by God’s favour.

On 29 and 30 October 2011, Pastor Prince unveiled the loveliness and glory of Jesus and His finished work at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Pastored by Joel Osteen, and his wife, Victoria, Lakewood Church is the largest church in America.

Over 40,000 people attended the three services, with many coming from all over the US, and Canada, some having driven over 18 hours to get to Houston. From California to Minnesota and Florida, from British Columbia to Montreal, thousands came eagerly to hear Pastor preach the message of God’s grace in person at this much-awaited event.

Israel Houghton, Grammy-award gospel singer-songwriter, led the people at each service into exuberant, faith-filled worship, and Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest Christian television network, was onsite to cover the event.

As Pastor Prince preached under a powerful anointing, people who had come feeling condemned and fearful were set free as they simply listened and received the message of no condemnation because of the cross of Christ.

“It was one of the best times I’ve ever had,” said Melissa Torgersen, who had flown all the way from Florida. “Thank you, Pastor Prince, you’ve helped me reach a greater understanding of the Word and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus! I can’t wait for you to come back to the US!”

Searching Right

More than 300 church members attended a singles seminar organised by the church on 13 August 2011 at the Rock (Level 6). The Matters Of The Heart seminar was designed to give singles aged 29 and above, a biblical perspective on relationships, and to learn more about God’s Word on finding a life partner.

“It’s important to frame our lives according to the Word,” said
Pastor KE Mathews, who was the seminar speaker. “When we have the Word, we lack nothing, and I believe that God will provide you with the wisdom you need in matters of the heart,” he said.

Pastor Mathews also encouraged singles to step out of their comfort zone, and to widen their social circles.

Other programme highlights included games, and a practical grooming session by Joshua Luke, a leading image consultant who regularly instructs on poise and communication skills to airline staff.

“At any time, on every occasion, our Lord Jesus is always calm and composed,” Joshua said. “How we present ourselves and our body language matter.” He shared tips on grooming, social etiquette and body language during the light-hearted session.

Pastor Prince in London

In a powerful ending note, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince was the closing keynote speaker at the Hillsong Conference Europe 2011, held at the O2 Arena in London.

Over two Spirit-filled sessions from 21 to 23 July, he shared the message of grace with thousands of church leaders and ministry volunteers from all over the world.

For Chanel Leong, a Senior Video Editor in the Video and Sound Department at New Creation Church, the experience of witnessing such hunger for Jesus was unforgettable.

“During Pastor Prince’s session, there were so many people wanting to come into the venue that they made an appeal for people to give up reserved seats,” she said. “Even then, many had to be turned away due to space constraints.”

Pastor Prince closed the conference on the last day with a message unveiling the beauty of our loving Saviour. As he spoke, a powerful anointing and overwhelming presence of God filled the theatre.

“People refused to leave, and continued singing praises to God, long after the worship team had left the stage!” Chanel said. “It was an emotional experience for me, it was my first time standing among so many people singing in one accord, to the Lord, without music.”

Crowned Daddies

It was a Father’s Day celebration at all four church services on 19 July 2011. In line with the year’s theme verse from Psalm 65:11, fathers were “crowned” with gifts including golf umbrellas printed with crowns and “His Crowned Goodness” at the English services. Rain or shine, church Daddies now have a constant reminder of God’s goodness and favour over their lives!

“I think it’s a really useful present,” said Mr W K Huang, a father of two boys. “It’ll come in especially handy when I have to pick up my children from school in the rain!”

Fathers attending the Chinese services were blessed with equally practical gifts – thermos flasks printed with the Psalm 65:11 verse – to keep papa’s favourite beverages hot or cold.

Get MAD! Be Blessed!

There were MAD events over two Sundays at the Rock Auditorium and Suntec Galley West.

More than 70 staff and volunteers decked out in orange, black and white packed the booths outside both venues on 17 and 24 July 2011 on a MAD campaign. “Ambassadors” from various ministries launched a recruitment drive for the Making A Difference (MAD) campaign, distributing promotional pamphlets and answering questions on their MAD quest.

A MAD video was also screened during services, featuring personal testimonies of joyful service and the deep satisfaction gained by making a positive difference to the quality of our shared church life.

“We wanted to show church members how fun and exciting it can be to serve in the many different ministries,” said Robin Chua, Creative Executive in our Visual Arts Department. “Each server’s experience is very personal and every server feels blessed by getting MAD!”

The Benjamin Generation Celebrates!

Almost 2,000 youths aged 13 to 29 from The Zone, our church’s youth ministry, thronged the Toa Payoh Stadium on Saturday, 2 July 2011 to celebrate Youth Day.

Youths revelled in adrenaline packed activities including races in giant zorb balls and sparring at inflatable gladiator stations. Sports challenges and talent showcases also added to the festivities at the carnival.

But it was Pastor Benjamin Lim’s message that was the undisputed highlight. He shared how the Lord will restore what have been lost with greater quality and quantity than before.

“We are not a lost generation!” Pastor Benjamin declared. As he spoke, five F15 fighter jets roared over the stadium in thunderous affirmation. Even the carnival organisers were surprised by the spectacular timing of the National Day Parade rehearsal flypast!

“The Lord has clearly marked the heavens with the roaring thunder of Grace!” observed Jansen Kwok, a GenRev Royal Service Ministry server.

A powerful time of praise and worship followed. As the worship team broke into the song, Run, Zone youths gathered spontaneously on the running track, and broke into an impromptu run.

“It’s the Benjamin Generation running with the gospel of grace and taking it to the ends of the world with a united spirit of liberty!” said Anna Cheng, a Zone executive.