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Hand Saved From Injury


I am a teacher and in June 2015, I volunteered to go to Myanmar to share teaching pedagogies with the trainee teachers there.

Together with 12 trainee teachers and three other teachers from Singapore, we travelled to the school in a pickup every day. Each time, I would hold on to the iron bar on the outside of the pickup so I wouldn’t fall onto anyone in the vehicle.

Every day, I would pray that it would be a safe trip. One morning, I was travelling to school as usual, and as I looked out at the traffic and thanked God for a safe trip, I felt a voice telling me to move my hand away from the bar and keep it in.

Just as I put my hand in, there was a loud crash and all of us in the pickup screamed. I looked up and realised that a public bus had crashed into our pickup at the exact spot where my hand had been, causing the iron bar to bend. None of us was hurt except for our frayed nerves.

If I had not moved my hand away from the iron bar, my hand would have been crushed. I believe it was the voice of our heavenly Father that prompted me that day! Praise the Lord!


Carmen Judith Wijeysingha


  • protection
  • praying



Divine Results And Exemption


I am a Singaporean who had been living in Melbourne, Australia for 14 years. At the start of 2014, Pastor Prince prophesied that children from afar would come home to be with their families.

At that time, I had already been actively praying about whether I should move back as my whole family resides in Singapore. I decided to move back in November 2014. As I was a qualified lawyer in Australia, I applied for exemption from the Bar Examinations (there were 13 papers in total) and training in Singapore which would take a total of two years.

Three weeks before the scheduled Bar Examinations, I was notified that I had to sit for the first set of the Bar Examinations. I felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment and uncertainty. I was daunted by the prospect of having to do five exams in Singapore law and I did not even attend the course. But I trusted in Daddy God for my breakthrough even though I only had three weeks to go.

I flew back to Singapore to study for the exams. I knew deep down inside that I could reign over every uncertainty and disappointment, and that Daddy God’s style of restoration is so much better.

Thankfully, I had a friend from New Creation Church who had sat for the Bar Examinations and had excellent exam notes. Every day, I would partake of the Holy Communion and declare that I am the righteousness of God in Christ and that I have the mind of Christ. I sat for the examinations and passed all of them even though I had never practised Singapore law and didn’t even attend the four–month course!

After I obtained the results, I decided to re–apply for exemption from the remaining Bar Examinations and training. This would save me one–and–a–half years of training. I felt that this training would be redundant as I was already a qualified lawyer with several years of experience. In the two months while I waited for the outcome, I confessed favour and goodness over my life, and that even if 10,000 applicants had been disqualified, I would be granted unmerited favour because of Jesus.

Two months later, I received notification that due to my “unique and unusual circumstances”, I was exempted from all the remaining exams and training. I knew Jesus really has an amazing sense of humour because the person who signed off on that letter was called Grace!

The day I got called to the Bar, I received notification that I had landed an interview with a really good law firm. The day I got the job offer, the law firm went international.

All praise to Jesus for placing me at the right place, at the right time and for causing all His unmerited favour to fall upon me. I know that whilst there might sometimes be initial disappointments in life, Daddy’s God style of restoration is always beyond my wildest imaginations!

All praise to Jesus and thank you Pastor Prince for spreading the message of grace!


Sarah Thomas


  • proclaiming
  • Holy Communion
  • favour
  • career



Blessed With A Better–Paying Job


I have been gainfully employed since 2007 after graduating from university. My starting salary was decent but ever since I got married, I had a bigger family to support and I really needed a pay raise to make ends meet.

However, I had never been promoted and my pay increment was only around $100 plus each year. I would hear about my peers getting promoted and advancing in their careers, and drawing much higher salary. Fortunately, my wife would always remind me that I hold one advantage over them which is the fact that I have Jesus in my life.

In 2015, the year of His restoration, I managed to secure a new job, which itself was a miracle because I did not perform up to the mark during my first and final interviews. However, I reminded myself that it was not dependent on me to get the job but it was all dependent on Jesus’ work at the cross. I anointed myself with anointing oil for the extra boost I needed for the interviews.

Another good news is that, the company offered me a better remuneration package than what I had asked for and it was comparable to what my peers are drawing. Indeed, the years I felt I had lost were restored to me. Praise be to Jesus my Lord.


The writer has requested anonymity.


  • restoration
  • anointing oil
  • job search
  • rest