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Entire Family Protected In Car Accident


I want to give Jesus all the glory and praise for protecting me and my family from a car accident.

It was past midnight on 23 November 2014 when I drove my sister home in Woodlands. My car was fully loaded with people. My sister, niece and nephew were seated in the backseats while my daughter in the front seat. 

My niece was sharing with us how God had protected her and her boyfriend on a heavy snow day in Korea, and I remember the last thing I said seconds before the accident was: "Yeah, that's God’s protection." 

I then stopped at a right light at a cross junction for about three seconds when I heard a loud bang. The impact pushed our car to the front and caused all of us to jolt forward. We then hit into the van that had stopped ahead of us, and were jolted backwards. 

All these happened within seconds. But praise be to Jesus, I was still conscious. I knew that a car had knocked into us but when I looked into the rear mirror, I did not see anything.

It turned out that the car that hit us, had skidded and landed on the right lane of the road. When I was checking on my family members to make sure that they were all doing okay, I saw a drunk driver walking towards me. 

I opened my car door and at that very moment, there was this supernatural calmness and peace. I had totally no fear or anger, and I was able to look straight into the eyes of this young guy, who was around mid-20s, and asked him calmly: “You drank?” 

Trust me that was definitely not me but Jesus! The driver then nodded and said: “Yes, I did”. 

Still very coolheaded, I said: “Let me call the police.” 

To cut the long story short, it was amazing that none of my family member was hurt — not even a minor cut, pain or whiplash!

As for me, I only felt some pain on my left kneecap, which was operated a few years ago. But praise be to Jesus, the X-ray found no fractured bones, and the metal plate and screws inside were still intact. Though, I was limping slightly, I was still able to attend the 3rd service on the same Sunday afternoon! 

I want to thank God for leading Pastor Prince to emphasise to us the importance of God’s protection, and the power of confessing Psalm 91 over ourselves every morning. 


Jasmine Lok Yuen Fun


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Lump Gone After Faith Declaration


Sometime in late October or early November 2014, I noticed there was a lump on my inner thigh. It was rather large, about one inch in diameter.

I was afraid so I prayed that it would leave in the name of Jesus. I also went online to read up on my symptoms and learnt that it would go away on its own. But, the websites also advised that I should seek medical attention if it was still there after a few weeks. As such, I didn't think much of it and just assumed the problem would be resolved.

Then in mid-December, I realised the lump was still there. Not only that, it seemed to have gotten even larger! At that point, I was terrified. I had no idea what was going on. So I started praying. I remembered reading in one of Pastor Prince's daily devotionals that he had a huge mole on his neck and after he repeatedly commanded it to be plucked up by its roots and cast into the sea, it eventually disappeared.

So I did likewise to my lump. Every day, I would confess how good God is and how He wants me healed. I would also command that the lump be plucked up by its roots and be cast into the sea.

I checked on the lump daily and realised that it was getting smaller and smaller. When I checked on it again on 30 December 2014, it was totally gone! I could not find any trace of it! What couldn't be done in the natural for many weeks, was done in a short time in the name of Jesus! All glory to God!


The writer has requested anonymity.


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Mum’s Overnight Recovery


At 2am on Friday, 5 December 2014, my 85-year-old mum ran a high fever of more than 40 degree Celsius and had slipped into a state of coma.

She was sent to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where the doctor discovered that she had a urinary tract infection. They then told us that her condition was not looking good and might become worse.

My wife, my son and I prayed over her and we trusted that God would heal her. The next day, she woke up and her fever was gone!

She shared with my other family members that while she was still in coma, she felt a sense of tranquillity and peace. Since then, her health had improved to such a point where she was even healthier than before she fell ill. She was also allowed to be discharged from the hospital.

We are so thankful for Pastor Prince's teaching that had taught us the power of our words and prayers. Indeed this is a miracle from Abba God, for only He can provide such a speedy recovery for my mum! All praise be to our Abba!




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