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Protected From Deadly Bangkok Explosion


I am sure many would have heard of the bombing that happened in Bangkok, Thailand on 17 August 2015.

I was in the Siam Paragon area that very afternoon and wanted to get to Central World Plaza (diagonally opposite the bomb explosion area) to continue shopping. That was probably around six plus in the evening. But suddenly, I felt too lazy to walk to the mall and decided to take the train back to the hotel where I was staying. After alighting from the train, I heard sirens and saw police cars driving by. Totally unaware that a bomb had just gone off, I thought to myself that it was probably an accident.

It was only after I got back to my room when I saw messages from my loved ones and friends asking me if I was alright that I realised the severity of the incident. While watching the news unfold on television, fear started to creep in. I tried to stay calm but I also could not contain my fear when I thought of how I could have been at the scene when the bomb exploded.

I praise the Lord for my care group leader and overseer who reminded me to pray Psalm 91 over myself and to pray in tongues.

I am very grateful to God for His protection and how He had put me at the right place at the right time. In this case, He led me away from the wrong place.

What’s more amazing was that about three months ago, when I was trying to book my accommodation for this trip, I wanted to book a hotel which was near the explosion site, to pamper myself. However, there were just no rooms available at all. If I had booked a room there, I would definitely have walked past that very intersection. How He sees the future that we cannot see!




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Experiencing God’s Goodness After Receiving Christ


My experience with our Lord Jesus started with a chance encounter with Pastor Joseph Prince and his wife Wendy in 2012.

Back then, I was not a believer although my wife was a Christian. But I still remember very much the words Pastor Prince spoke to me that day. He told me that nothing happens by chance and he even prayed over me and my family as my wife was then pregnant. I also remembered Pastor Prince inviting us to come to church.

Due to my past conflicting views on religion, I was convinced that I could not be right with Christ. My wife often asked me to attend church but I always managed to rebuff her request.

In October 2014, my wife began to attend New Creation Church with a good friend of hers. Then in two months’ time, I attended my first church service with my wife as it was her birthday and her friend had to go overseas for work. Since it was her birthday wish for me to attend service with her, I could not say no.

After that service, seeds of Jesus’ love sowed by Pastor Prince three years ago began to sprout. Although my job required me to work on Sundays, things changed within the same week when my colleague volunteered to work every Sunday. How loving of our God to turn things around so I can spend time in His house! Shortly after, I received Christ.

That’s just the beginning of Daddy God’s work in my life. One of my wife’s prayer requests for 2015 was for me to get a job that was interesting, had good opportunities, good pay and God–fearing bosses. And in just a couple of months, I went through three rounds of interview for a management role at a well–known company.

Throughout the interview process, I rested completely in Jesus’ finished work. Before this, I had never breezed through and aced interviews like how I did this time round. And by simply relying on Daddy God’s wisdom and favour, I was offered the job despite my young age and complete lack of experience in management. I later found out that my direct boss is a believer! It’s amazing how Daddy God answers prayers so quickly and precisely!

I had favour with my team at work and my career had also taken a great turn. With this closeness and reliance on our Lord Jesus, my marriage was strengthened too. I knew from then on, it’s not whether I am right for Christ, but Jesus is always ready and right for me.

Two weeks back, I took on one of the most gruelling challenges in my life — to scale Mount Kilimanjaro. I asked many friends to join me but nobody was interested. In the end, I went alone. I booked the climb even though I didn’t have the time and strength to train for it and set off during Singapore’s Jubilee weekend.

I was never convinced I could make it but ever since I was a new creation in Christ, I felt nothing could stop me from scaling this mountain. I already have the victory in Christ.

Throughout the six–day climb, I suffered from dehydration, severe diarrhoea, colds, headaches, extreme tiredness and acute mountain syndrome (AMS). The temperature ranged from 28°C to –20°C. I began to doubt if I could do it but I continued to pray every night, crying out for God’s help, healing and strength.

Just a day before my last push for summit, I realised all my seven crew members were Christians. My tent crew even came to me and told me, “In Jesus’ name, you will reach the summit. Do not worry, Sir!” And I replied with a loud, “Amen!”

It was then that I was reminded how our Daddy Father is so good and always with us by sending His angels to watch over us. Due to my severe diarrhoea, I had to go to the loo every 30 minutes and as a result, I only slept two hours on the day we were due to make the summit. I was extremely tired and also suffered from severe bruising and swelling at my joints.

But I told my crew to bring me up to the summit, knowing that God’s favour surrounds me as with a shield and He would see me all the way up.

After 10 hours of climbing through the night, half a step at a time, I finally scaled the roof of Africa with no grain of effort from myself because I know that throughout the six–day climb, it was God who sustained me to fulfil my dream. All glory and praise to the Lord!

My wife later told me that she prayed for me to have a closer walk with God and indeed, this trip allowed me to “walk with Jesus” like never before.

My marriage and life have been transformed completely. Our family now looks forward to church every Sunday, especially my two–and–a–half–year–old princess who loves to sing, Jesus Is My Best Friend!

Thank you Pastor Prince for sowing seeds of God’s love in my life three years ago. I am now a new creation filled with complete confidence knowing that God’s wisdom, favour and peace are forever with us. All praise, glory and honour to Lord Jesus!


The writer has requested anonymity.


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Prayer For Family’s Salvation Answered


I come from a family with members of various beliefs. I received Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour in 1999 and was baptised in 2001.

I went through many ups and downs in my Christian journey and “church–hopped” quite a bit. The one thing that was constant was the disapproval my father had towards my belief. He told me how Christians had disappointed him many times in both business and personal fronts. Most of all, he hated to be persuaded about his faith and would often get into an argument with us (and others as well) if we were too pushy on this subject and told us to keep our faith to ourselves.

I started attending New Creation Church in early 2009 and remembered going to a Christmas service that year with my then–girlfriend (now wife). Towards the end of that service, Pastor Prince asked the congregation to pray for three areas of breakthroughs for the coming year. Of the three areas that I prayed for, one of them was for the salvation of my family. I knew then that it was a long shot, but it was something that was dear to my heart and I lifted it to the Lord.

In the following years, I would ask my parents to accompany me to church on various occasions but hardly saw any progress. Once, my father even walked out in the middle of a service. Although my mother had been quite open, she always used my father as an “excuse” to stop herself from committing to accept Christ. And at the back of my mind, I was wondering if my prayer was ever coming to pass.

The breakthrough came sometime in 2013 when my mother started to accompany my aunt and grandmother (who were recently saved too) to church. And by mid–2014, my mother took the step to be baptised, together with my youngest brother. In the same year, they even went to Israel for their Christian pilgrimage.

But the biggest blessing was seeing the last member and originally most staunch opponent of Christianity — my father — coming to church! I cannot pinpoint when he changed his heart but after much encouragement from us, he got baptised two weeks ago on 7 August 2015 (almost six years after my prayer at the Christmas service).

Indeed one never know how, where or when God chooses to work. But one thing I know for sure is that God loves me and because He loves me, He loves my family. (ref: Acts 16:31)

All glory to Jesus!


Ridwan Soenoto


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