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Protected By God’s Shield Of Love


On 14 November 2013, a friend was coming over to pick me up at 9am. After I got changed, I partook of the Holy Communion and meditated on Psalm 5. The last verse was on the Lord blessing the godly and that He surrounds us with His shield of love. Just as I was about to meet my friend, I was prompted to anoint myself with some anointing oil.

It had rained a while ago and the road was slippery. As we approached a bend leading into the expressway, our car suddenly skidded and went out of control.

The front wheels hit the curb on the right and our car started to spin. We swung to the left and crashed hard into the metal barriers along the road. The airbags were inflated and we mounted the curb before the car skidded to a stop in the opposite direction of the traffic.

I was stunned but amazingly, I wasn’t fearful. I experienced a peace like never before because when the whole accident happened, I was thinking of Jesus.

We checked ourselves after we got out of the car. There were a few small scratches on our bodies, and that was all. The damage on the car was bad — the front was smashed and the window at the driver’s seat was shattered. The metal barrier next to the road had dislodged due to the impact.

We looked around and realised that we were the only ones on that section of the road! If there were other vehicles on the road, we could have been caught in a multiple pile-up. We instantly knew that this was a miracle because there was no way our car would have stopped so perfectly!

When the medics and policemen arrived, they were shocked to see no casualties. Daddy God was definitely there and it was He who surrounded us with His shield! Praise the Lord!


Nicholas Tan


  • protection
  • meditating
  • anointing oil



Chipped Bone Healed


Last year 2013, I fell and injured my ankle while I was in Batam. It was so swollen and painful that I could not walk. I came back to Singapore on a wheelchair and headed straight to the accident and emergency unit.

I went for an X-ray which showed a fracture and missing triangular bone. I was told that I need to undergo a surgery to remove the chip of bone that had been displaced. I was horrified because I am afraid of pain.

I anxiously sought prayers from my friends and care group leader. My care group leader’s wife shared with me that she fell and fractured her tailbone before, and it resulted in a chipped bone too. But after praying over it together with her spouse, God supernaturally removed the chip and the doctors could not find it in the subsequent X-ray. I was very encouraged by her testimony and together with my care group leader, we prayed for healing.

A few days later, I went for another detailed X-ray at a different hospital and waited anxiously for the results. When the results were out, the doctor found no fracture and no missing bone! I was told that I only had a sprain and hence, no operation was required! All glory to Jesus!

Thank you Pastor Prince for preaching that God heals and for giving us such anointed leaders!


The writer has requested anonymity.


  • praying
  • healing



Book Prize Winner By Grace


One evening during my night class, I was informed that the top student of the programme would receive a new book prize. I didn’t think that I would be the winner as there were at least three other classmates who were doing better than me.

I didn't think much about it but strangely, when I was driving home that night, something prompted me to ask the Lord to bless me with the prize. At that time, I was down to my last two modules before graduation.

Of the two modules, one was a disaster. I finished my assignment and saved it on my computer. But just when I was about to submit it, I realised that the file was corrupted and nothing was saved at all! My three whole days of work just went down the drain. I felt like crying and throwing my computer out the window.

But I knew I should call on my hero, Jesus, for help. This time, what took me three days to write, was completed in three hours. As the assignment was still fresh in my mind, I could reorganise the points and strengthen my arguments. Needless to say, this piece was much better than the previous one, and I did extremely well for the module.

As for the last module, we had to do a mini-research in groups. My team brainstormed for hours but no good ideas flowed. I felt the Lord prompt me to suggest a topic, and surprisingly, my suggestion was readily accepted by my team members. Later, we learnt that the topic also happened to be my lecturer’s interest topic and our group did very well.

And all these gave me just enough GPA points to be blessed with the award! Later, I found out that I was in the lead by 0.05 points only, and the monetary value of my book prize was almost three times more than the other awards given out at the graduation ceremony.

Praise the Lord!


Diana Chang


  • rest
  • prayer
  • studies