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God Had Prepared Our Home!


In 2012, my family and I visited a condominium showflat. It had been selling for two years when we visited it. We really liked the development and it was in an ideal location for my older son should he choose to go to his affiliated secondary school in two years’ time.

We felt the peace of God but I decided not to purchase it as I did not want to put pressure on my son on his choice of secondary school. Also, property prices at that time was at its peak and I thought that it could only go lower.

At the start of 2014, my son decided to go to his affiliated secondary school. I then decided it was time to buy a unit in that condominium. However, the units left were either beyond our budget or not the right size. The developer had even raised the price of these units over the past two years as the development was selling very well and property prices in general had also increased. I blamed myself for not buying the place two years earlier.

In September 2014, a brother from New Creation Church shared with me how God had miraculously blessed him with a new house. After hearing the brother’s testimony, I felt my faith lifted and all condemnation gone. I began to believe that if God could do a miracle for him, He could do one for me too.

In mid-October, I found an agent who was selling a sub-sale unit in that condominium. The demand for the units there was increasing as it was about to be completed. I called the agent and offered him a sum well below the market valuation.

In the natural, I did not expect my offer to be accepted as the buyer could easily sell his unit at a profit in the open market. To my surprise, my offer was accepted! When God opened the door, everything went smoothly. The whole process, from enquiring about the unit to the acceptance of my offer, took less than 48 hours! God also opened the door for me to sell my current house at valuation in less than a month.

After the purchase of my new place was completed, I discovered that the seller was a wealthy man who had bought the unit for his daughter four years ago. For some reason, his daughter did not want the unit so he decided to sell it to me, at a loss!

Our Abba Father knowing the desires of our heart had gone ahead to prepare the place for us. The unit was reserved for my family four years ago, even before my family set foot in the condominium showflat!


The writer has requested anonymity.


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Got Dream Job By Resting In God


At the beginning of the year, Pastor Prince said that 2014 would be a year of greater glory. But he also said that we would be exposed to things that we were weak in, and be placed in situations where we were not comfortable with and in the process, learn to rely on God completely, and see that He is greater than what we could think of. I experienced exactly that.

I was a proud person and I believed in myself. Although I always thanked God for blessing me and making everything easy for me in life, a part of me believed that my hard work, luck and intelligence all contributed to the success I had been enjoying.

I knew it was a wrong belief, but I never truly understood what it meant to rely on God’s strength completely. One day, I was looking for a new job with a better career progression and salary increase.

There was this particular company, the top giant company in the industry, which I always wanted to work for but never believed that I could be good enough to get in. In reality, everyone knew how hard it was to get into this company.

In one of the services in church, I told the Lord I would apply for this company the next time I see a job opening there. A few weeks later, a friend who was working there posted a job vacancy on social media. I was stunned because I thought it was a coincidence.

I mentioned before that I was a proud person. I had almost never asked anyone for help because I was just too proud for it. So at first, I was reluctant to contact this friend of mine to apply for the job, especially when we were just acquaintance. But since I told God that I would do it, I dropped this person a message and applied for the job.

I had my first interview with Human Resource. However, the interview didn’t go well and I was told that my experience was not right for the position. I was disappointed. But in the end, I thanked God that at least the recruiter was honest enough not to give me any false hope.

I went on with my life with no expectations and even forgot about my job application. But two weeks after, I got a phone call from another Human Resource personnel from the company saying that she wanted to schedule an interview with me for another position. I was hyped up! Yes, the first Human Resource personnel who contacted me did say that he would pass my résumé to other teams to see if anyone was interested. But back then I thought he was just rejecting me politely. This must be a miracle from God!

I went for the interview a few days after and it was a disaster! There were a lot of questions that I couldn’t answer. But anyway, it was really an interesting experience for me and every step of the way I kept thanking God for this wonderful experience.

The next day, I got a call saying that I was through to the next round. This was again another miracle because I really didn’t do well during the interview.

This continued for another five times. After each interview, I thought I had ruined my chances and that I was not good enough, and there was no way I could make it to the next round.

But every time, I was also reminded that it was not because of me that I got through. It wasn’t my strength, my capability and my intelligence but it was God who made everything possible. I only realised this during the 4th interview and since then, my mindset had completely changed. From that round onwards, I went to the interviews relying only on God. Finally, I understood that we were all nothing without God.

But the blessing did not end there. When I was one step away from being hired, I told God that though I would already be happy to get a position, it would be great if I could get a 10 per cent pay increase.

When they asked about my previous salary, I thought of exaggerating a bit, adding some bonus here and there to make it sound big so that their offer would be even bigger. But I kept reminding myself that I would rely on God for my blessings and I need not exaggerate if I truly believed in Him.

In the end, not only did God give me the job of my dream, but He also gave me a 25 per cent increase in salary! It was truly a blessing! Our God is a God who is able and willing to give us much more than what we could ask for or think of! (Ephesians 3:20)

To God be all the glory!


The writer requested anonymity.


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Husband Healed Of Schizophrenia And Marriage Restored


Once we got married, my husband became abusive. He would always accuse me of being unfaithful and would often beat me up. I used to go to work with bruises, a black eye. I was hospitalised a few times because he broke my nose and toe, and I lost a child from the beatings.

Even though we love each other very much, things just got from bad to worse. I did not know why he behaved in that manner until he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, a brain disorder that made him hallucinate and become highly suspicious of others.

By that time, we had accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, and we were going to church every Sunday. The doctor put my husband on medication to numb his brain but he did not like it because it made him slow. He stopped his medication and I had to live with his abusive behaviour.

When we started attending New Creation Church, we found the teachings very uplifting. Listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons week after week, I realised that my husband gradually became less abusive. 

Today, my husband is totally cured of schizophrenia. Jesus has restored to me the man I fell in love with. My husband is now very, very loving and gentle to me.  

Against all odds, Pastor Prince’s sermons on God’s everlasting grace that lifts up Jesus in our lives have restored our marriage. We have now been married for 28 years, and going strong. God has also blessed our six children who excel in their studies, and we are financially blessed too. What a wonderful God we have!

Thank you, Pastor Prince for your message of grace and all glory be to God Almighty! 


Wong Ai Lin


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