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Becoming Company’s Top Producer Through Grace


I am a permanent resident in Singapore and have been attending New Creation Church for six years.

I had been working as a realtor with the same agency for the past five years and switching agencies had never been part of my plan. To me, my job as a resale realtor was very independent, with not much dealings with the agency.

But in early 2013, I experienced a high level of boredom. I felt stuck and was eager to change. At that time, one of the agents whom I had worked with two years back, approached me and shared how his income had drastically increased after switching to a new agency and was given an opportunity to launch new projects. He then asked me to join him and I agreed without much hesitation.

Throughout the year, people kept saying that the property market was poor and transaction volume was low. I was one of the pessimistic people who kept going into the office to keep my sales up.

One day while in the office, I saw pictures of the company’s Top Producer on the noticeboard and I whispered to myself that I too, would like to be the Top Producer one day.

Not so long after, I joined the marketing team for a new project launch. That was my first marketing project and I was still learning the ropes.

During the preview period, I collected five blank cheques from clients who had made their bookings in advance. But I was told not to keep my hopes too high as my colleague had experienced having nine advanced bookings previously but none materialised. Nonetheless, somehow I just believed that I could convert them into actual transactions.

Finally, the launch date arrived, and I realised I was the only newbie. I was extremely nervous and lost whereas everyone else seemed to know what they were doing.

However, to everyone’s amazement, I managed to sell four units! Wasn’t God good?

I believe it all happened because of God's grace. How can a newbie like me sell more units than those who had been in the marketing line for so long?

And yes, despite the lull property market, I was named the Top Producer and Top Transactor for that particular project!

Looking back, it was truly because God's grace had opened the door for me. And He is faithful enough to answer every single prayer request that I make.


Cecilia Jonaita


  • career
  • praying



Instantaneous Healing For Right Knee


In December 2013, I injured my right knee while I was in Penang. It became so swollen that I could hardly walk and climb the stairs. I was also not able to bend my knee as it was stiff and hard.

A few days later, I got back to Singapore and went straight to the acupuncturist for treatment. However, it was useless as the pain and swelling persisted.

As a property sales person, I had to travel a lot to serve my clients. Since I do not drive, my only mode of transport was either the train or the bus. I was limping everywhere I go,  I couldn't climb stairs and had to pull myself up one step at a time by holding on to the railings. Though the pain was still there, I would tell myself as Jesus is, so am I in this world and since Jesus doesn’t have pain in His knee, so am I. I would also declare by faith things like, “by His stripes I am healed" and “I can do all things in Jesus’ name!"

Then, on Sunday, 9 February 2014, my husband I went to church. My husband parked his car in the basement car park and I had to hold on to his hand to make my way into the service venue. Every step was a chore and I would whisper, “In Jesus’ name, I can do it.”

During the service, Pastor Prince led us all in a time of ministering and declared healing to those who were suffering from right knee pain. He encouraged us to place our hand on our afflicted area and so I did.

Subsequently, Pastor Prince told us to move our right knee and I found that I could move and twist it around with no pain! This was something I couldn't do for months! I cried and at the same time, waved my hand to testify of my healing. Praise Jesus! 


The writer has request anonymity.


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  • praying



Left Shoulder Pain Gone Supernaturally!


Though I had been a believer since young, I didn’t attend church for many years. In January 2014, my husband and I started going to New Creation Church as we wanted our little girl, to receive Jesus and know more about Him.

I had stiffness and sharp pains in my shoulders from sitting in front of the computer for long hours. Every day, I had to sit on my massage chair or get occasional hand massage from my husband, to get temporal relief for my shoulders, especially the left one.

One particular night, I prayed for healing before going to bed as my shoulders were getting more and more painful. At that very moment, I did feel a sudden relief and was able to sleep soundly throughout the night. However, the pain came back after that.

Then came Sunday, 9 February 2014, when I experienced one of my closest encounters with God!

That day, I attended the third service with an open heart to learn more about God’s Word from Pastor Prince. To my surprise, Pastor Prince started the service with a prayer and healing session.

He asked us to place our hand on the body parts where we were experiencing pain and he also called out a left shoulder condition. He then declared healing to our left shoulders in Jesus’ name!

I looked at my husband in awe when Pastor Prince mentioned left shoulder. Throughout the prayer session, I felt a tingling sensation, which I believed was the Holy Spirit healing my left shoulder!

After that Sunday, I have been consciously observing my left shoulder to see if the pain would return. To my delight, it has been a week and there was no more pain in my shoulder! Praise the Lord!


Michelle Chew


  • healing
  • praying