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Remarkable Recovery From Virus Infection


In March 2012, during the first school semester break, my daughter, Megan, who was in Secondary 3, was selected to participate in an overseas learning programme in Australia.

After she got back, she came down with a mild fever and missed two days of school. However, what was initially thought to be just mild fever became something so serious that we, as a family, were not prepared for.

Her fever persisted and she continued to experience fatigue and backache. The doctor then ordered her to go for tests to check on her liver function and blood count level. Thank God for wisdom in the attending doctor as I was still dismissing the situation as just another usual fever episode.

On the following day, I received a call from the clinic saying that my daughter had to be admitted to the hospital as the test results were very bad.

Usually, a healthy liver would have an alanine aminotransferase (ALAT) serum reading of around 5 to 30 micromole per litre. But my daughter’s liver test results came back with a whopping 561 micromole per litre, which was more than 10 times the healthy level. To be exact, it was 18.7 times more.

She was admitted to the hospital on 22 March 2012 where they ran a battery of tests on her. After three days, the doctor was still unable to give a clear diagnosis of my daughter’s condition as blood culture test results would only be ready in another couple more days.

Meanwhile, my daughter’s ALAT serum reading managed to drop to around 200 micromole per litre. Though it was still above the acceptable range, the doctor acceded to our request to have my daughter discharged on the condition that she goes for her blood test every week.

Nine days after her discharge, it was confirmed that my daughter had contracted a nasty infection known as Epstein–Barr Virus (EB Virus).

This virus usually attacks the healthy liver, resulting in fever, extreme weakness of body and jaundice. The patient will also experience discomfort and abdominal pain.

My daughter suffered from all of the symptoms and the subsequent weekly blood tests results indicated an atrociously high ALAT serum of more than 1,500 micromole per litre. She was then admitted to the hospital for a second time.

As parents, one could only imagine the kind of anguish and predicament that we were in. But this was when all the teachings we had received through Pastor Prince’s ministry were put to test.

The circumstances forced us to rely on God’s grace to guard our hearts and minds. It wasn’t just about the illness we were battling with. My daughter was also anxious about her studies and 10 weeks of lessons missed.

One would have imagine how badly damaged her liver was at this time with ALAT serum readings in the region of 1,500 to 1,800 micromole per litre. Health studies told us that she might end up suffering from chronic fatigue and would take up to a year to regain her full energy.

Thank God that our Abba Father has the final say! Despite the ridiculously high readings, we had His unshakeable peace. We continued to believe that healing is our daughter’s blood–bought right because of the finished work of Jesus at Calvary.

Youth ministry pastor, Pastor Daniel Chong, also came to the hospital to pray and encouraged us to count on Daddy God for our daughter’s complete healing and restoration.

Praise God that He has the authority and power to change our circumstances! All glory to His name! My daughter did not suffer from any chronic fatigue. Instead, she made a remarkable recovery and was given a clean bill of health in early June. She also made it to the annual youth camp two weeks later in Malaysia!

God’s unclouded favour continued to rain upon my daughter as she found favour with her school’s principal and teachers. Her teachers set aside time when the new school term began in July to help her catch up with the studies that she had missed in the 10 weeks that she was absent from school. What an awesome God we have!

In the following year, my daughter sat for her O–Levels examinations and she did well.

In addition, God also intervened and we were able to pay off more than 98 percent of my daughter’s hefty hospitalisation bill through an insurance payout. This was a huge relief for us and we are still thankful to Daddy God’s timely provision.




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No More Pain!


I had haemorrhoid (swollen blood vessels in or around the anus and rectum) when I had my first child around 10 years ago, and the condition worsened when I had my second child.

I didn’t go for a surgery to remove the swollen vein as it was not critical and did not bother me. Eventually, it become such a part of me that I didn’t even pray about it.

But on Saturday, 5 September 2015, it flared up, and it felt raw and sore. As the day progressed, the pain worsened and I started to walk funny. I even thought of sitting on an inflated float when I drove to church on Sunday. Suffice to say, I felt uncomfortable even sitting on my plush seat and was thinking of making an appointment with the doctor to get rid of it.

When we were in church, I prayed for wholeness as we partook of the Holy Communion together as a body of Christ. When Pastor Prince’s sermon was on, all I could hear was: “Fear not! Rest in His finished work. His grace is sufficient for you and His body was broken so that your body is made whole.” And Pastor Prince was not even preaching on healing alone.

Though the soreness was still there at the end of the service, it was tolerable. When Pastor Lawrence came out to pray for the congregation, I simply said, “Lord, I receive!”

There were times when I was sceptical when people shared about their instantaneous healing. But when it happened to me, it was just awesome! By nightfall, the pain was gone and I could feel that the lump had shrunk. By the next morning, I could not feel it anymore. There was no more pain.

How awesome is His healing touch. How loved I am by Him! Amen!


The writer has requested anonymity.


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Healing Of Saliva Glands


I came to New Creation Church in October 2012 because it was shared to me that God loves me and wants to heal me. He is not punishing me for being a “lukewarm” Christian.

Back then, I had stage four nose cancer but after feeding on God’s Word through Pastor Prince’s sermons, I have been healed.

The 33 days of radiation treatment left me with a side effect — a lack of saliva flow in the mouth. The oncologist told me that the saliva flow would increase and stabilise in two years’ time but I would not regain its optimal function.

As such, I always had a bottle of water on hand as I would experience dryness in my mouth after one or two minutes of exercise.

I thank God that Pastor Prince shared that the theme of the year for 2015 was the year of His restoration. I had been believing God for a full restoration of my saliva glands even though my doctor and fellow nose cancer survivors told me that the best improvement would only take place within two years.

When 2015 came, I had already passed the two–year timeframe. But as I signed up to attend Hillsong Conference 2015, I had an expectation of hope. Then, on the last day of the conference, I experienced a restoration of my saliva glands!

I had run out of water and was experiencing acute dryness when the flow came back slowly. Hallelujah! Thank You God!

I would like to share this testimony so that those who are believing God for restoration may be encouraged to look to Jesus, who has the final say in our health and life.

All glory to Jesus! Thank you Pastor Prince for your faithful teaching of God’s grace. It is such a joy and delight to go to church every weekend to hear God’s Word.


Lee Hui Ling Gena


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