With our services temporarily suspended until further notice, you may drop cash/cheques* into the offering box at our church office during office hours (Mon–Fri, 9am–6pm). Alternatively, you may also mail your cheque to us at:

New Creation Church (Attn: Finance)
51 Cuppage Road #09-01
Singapore 229469

*Important: Please make cheque payable to New Creation Church and write your contact number on the reverse. Please do not mail cash.

Designated Offering

  • You may make a designated offering towards specific purposes (e.g. outreach efforts, mission trips, etc.) or individuals that are directly affiliated with or supported by New Creation Church.
  • To do so, please write your contact number and indicate the purpose/individual you would like to give to on the reverse of the cheque. The contact number is important for clarification on your designated offering if needed.
  • For clarifications as to whether a purpose or an individual is directly affiliated with or supported by New Creation Church, please email giving@newcreation.org.sg.