You may use SMS (short message service) to give your tithes and offerings using your mobile phone.

Simply SMS "Give" to the following numbers and follow the instructions in the SMS reply.

Tithe: 8241 0129
Offering: 8241 0229

Watch this video for a quick guide to giving via SMS, or view the step-by-step guides that follow.


Step 1

SMS "Give" to the following numbers.

Tithe: 8241 0129
Offering: 8241 0229

Note: You could save these numbers to your contacts (e.g. NCC Tithe, NCC Offering) for easy access in the future.

Click the link in the SMS reply you receive.


Step 2

Enter your information.

Note: You will be required to give once
(minimum $5) to verify your account.


Step 3

A credit card transaction fee is charged to the church for each SMS giving. You may choose to cover this fee.

Tap Give!


Step 4

You will receive a confirmation of your giving and account setup.

You will also receive an administrative SMS, and an administrative email to confirm your email address.



For subsequent giving, simply SMS the amount you wish to give to the following numbers:
E.g. 50

Tithe: 8241 0129
Offering: 8241 0229




Type “Weekly” or “Monthly” after amount to setup automatic recurring giving.
E.g. 50 Weekly

SMS “Cancel Auto” at any time to cancel all recurring giving.


What happens if I SMS a wrong amount?
New Creation Church adopts a no-refund policy for tithes and offerings received, in line with the prevailing code and guidelines for charitable/non-profit organisations in Singapore. We encourage you to double check and verify the amount before sending the SMS. Should you need assistance or have any further queries on this matter, please email with your full name and mobile number, and we will get in touch with you.

How do I know if I have given successfully?
You will receive an email receipt upon every successful transaction.

What happens if I lose my mobile phone?
You should first inform your mobile service provider to terminate your SIM card immediately. You could then ask your mobile service provider for a replacement SIM card.

I have a question that is not answered here.
Email your enquiry to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.