Our in-person children's classes take place concurrently as our English services at The Star Performing Arts Centre and Marina Bay Sands Ballrooms on Sundays. Bring your little ones to encounter Jesus with us! Simply check in your child on Sundays using his/her Rock Kidz card or your NCC Hub account. No ticket or booking is required!

First Time To Rock Kidz?

Welcome! We can't wait to have your child join us to encounter Jesus on Sunday! No booking is required to attend our classes.

However, you will need to create a Rock Kidz account for your child prior to his/her first visit. To do so, simply follow these steps:


You will need to have an NCC Hub account to register your child with Rock Kidz prior to his/her first visit. Please refer to our guide to find out how you can create an account.

NCC Hub Guide



Now that you have created your NCC Hub account, you are ready to register your child with Rock Kidz. Follow our step-by-step guide to do so!

Register With Rock Kidz

Tip: Do note that there is no need for your spouse to register the child again in his/her NCC Hub account! Simply log in to your NCC Hub account and add your spouse as one of the child’s “Emergency Contacts”. You may also do the same for other guardians/family members (they will need to have their own NCC Hub accounts too) who are helping you to check in/pick up your child. The child will then be tagged to their NCC Hub accounts.

How To Prep For Sunday

To ensure the well-being of our children, health checks are conducted before class check-in. Our counters will open 30 minutes (or 45 minutes on special Sundays like Resurrection Sunday or Christmas) before the start of each service. Do make plans to join us early so your child don’t miss out on our in-class programme!

Download our class info packs below to find out what to bring. Do remember to bring along your child’s Rock Kidz card (kindly note that it may take around 4 weeks for us to process and send the card to new registrants) or flash your NCC Hub ID to check in your child.

Need Help?

Should you have any queries, you may contact us via our online form or email rock.kidz@newcreation.org.sg.

Lost/replace Rock Kidz card: Let us know here.

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