New Creation TV’s programmes are now on YouTube in Hebrew, Hindi and Portuguese. You can tune in on New Creation TV’s new YouTube channels:

New Creation TV Hebrew New Creation TV Hindi New Creation TV Portuguese

Tell your friends and loved ones who speak Hebrew, Hindi or Portuguese about these new YouTube channels where they can watch programmes featuring Senior Pastor Joseph Prince’s sermons dubbed in these languages.

New Creation TV programmes are also broadcast in Israel, India and Brazil on the following TV channels:


  • Inspiration TV (English)
  • Shalom TV (Russian)
  • RTVC (Russian)


  • GOD TV (English)
  • Inspiration TV (English)
  • Zee Anmol (Hindi)


  • Boas Novas (Portuguese)
  • CNBC (English)

New Creation TV broadcasts the gospel as experienced in our services at New Creation Church in multiple languages across the globe through television networks and online streaming platforms.

Find out more about New Creation TV and its broadcast networks and YouTube channels here.