With Singapore flags held high, our ushers and ambassadors welcomed the congregation to our National Day celebration services on Sunday, 6 August 2017. Our choir was also present at our Marina Bay Sands Ballrooms and GV Grand (Great World City) service venues, singing songs to celebrate the occasion before the services began.

The services opened with Pastor Lawrence Lim leading the congregation to recite the National Pledge and sing the National Anthem together.

Pastor Lawrence also led us to pray for our nation‘s leaders, and that Singapore would progress, prosper and be protected from all harm. He then shared on the church‘s local outreach over the past year and how we had been blessed to be a blessing to our community. Read more about this outreach update here.

After praise and worship where the choir was decked out in our national colours of red and white, New Creation Worship presented an original song titled “The Best Is Yet to Be” as a dedication of love to Singapore, our home.

Senior Pastor Joseph Prince then preached a powerful message on how healing is ours through the finished work of our Lord Jesus. He took time to minister to the congregation and many received their healing from the Lord.

The celebration services then concluded with Pastor Prince praying for the Lord‘s blessing to be upon our nation, and that Singapore would impact the world, and abound with grace and favour!